How to stay Concentrated when Preparing for SAT?

Many people have a problem with their concentration. They are determined about giving a test like SAT and they are doing prep to but they are not focussed. They feel that they lose their attention or concentration in no time. They feel that there are so many distractions in the world that keep them on the back seat. Well, do you also feel that way?

Well, even if you have joined up a class like Sat in Bangalore or you are preparing at home; if your concentration is not good; you cannot progress much. It is sad that many students or aspirants fail to progress and grow not because of their lack of intelligence but because of their lack of attention. What if you are genius but you fail to concentrate on things? The point is you have to work on your concentration. If you are always distracted by your mobile, by what is going on in the society and other things; you would not be able to grow in your life. The point is you have to keep on working on your concentration and only then you can progress.

Hours of sitting

Ah, if you are boasting that you sit for seven eight hours a day for your studies during the test preparation time; that is wonderful. But the deeper question is where do you concentrate during the preparation? Do you simply count the hours you have spent on the preparation or you concentrate and study? When you spend hours on study with all your concentration, you actually do progress. You understand even the hardest concepts. but if you are simply sitting in front of the book for hours and reading but your attention is engaged somewhere else; you would do no good.

How to improve your concentration?

Well, there are many things that you can do to improve your concentration during preparation of a test. A few of these are like:

Eat proper food

You have to eat proper food during your preparation time. When you take proper food you feel good. You stay focused about everything. Of course, the stomach is full and satisfied and hence you need no type of snacks in between to interrupt you. Many students are always looking for something to eat when they are studying. The point is to take complete food at the time of meals and you will feel concentrated during your preparation.

Take good sleep

Absence of minimum sleep would never get you good scores in the test. Yes, you have to stay fresh so as to study with a fresh mind. What is the point if you are studying for hours with sleepiness? It would only affect your stress levels. You would end up with a lot of stress and your concentration would also get hampered.  If you take a good sleep on the previous night of the test, you wake up with fresh mind and you end up with great performance in the test.


So, whether you are taking up sat coaching Bangalore or not; once you start practicing all these points in your preparation; you will feel much more concentrated.

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