Management is a multipurpose organ of an organization that manages the work and the people or person (including managers) at work. Management provides new ideas and vision to the work group and integrates its efforts in such a manner as to account for better results. Therefore, management is an activating element of any organization for getting things done through its people by providing dynamic leadership.

Management is the life blood of an organization. An organization with no good quality management is a home built on sand.

Management is basically a human activity. Wherever human life exists some forms of management is necessary to obtain and to prepare the resources needed for human survival. A house wife is a good manager if she utilizes her resources effectively.

Management involves ability to communicate, influence leadership qualities, ability to motivate people, ability to train and develop people beside other skills of management. Decision making is the essence of managers.

Management may be defined as the art of getting work done efficiently and effectively through and by the people, with satisfaction for employer, employees and the public. The goals of the organization are satisfied through the use of possessions like men, currency, supplies and machines. The meaning of management is shown schematically in Figure.

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