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Norton premium version has a feature with which parents can help the children to browse internet safely. The parents should talk with the children and build smart habits in relation to internet browsing. The Norton Family Premier that comes with the premium version will help the parents for safe newt browsing for the children.

There are features in the premium version through which parents receive mail regarding the websites, which their children are browsing.

Backup of the files

The users can save their important files through backup. Users can configure the software in which he can select the files and folders for which he needs the backup. These files can be photos, songs, movies, etc. Users get 25GB free space on cloud for one subscription of premium version.

Support of multiple operating systems

The premium version allows users to protect ten systems running on different operating systems. These devices can be PC, laptop, Android mobiles, iPhones, etc. Users can pay bills through the smartphones, check balance, and do a lot of other things. The personal, and sensitive information stored in these devices will be safe.

Another feature is especially for Android users. The antivirus software informs the users about the software which they are downloading. The users are informed about the malware carried by the software. It also informs the impact of the app on the battery and memory.

Availability of Norton Expert

As soon as the user subscribe to the premium version, a representative is associate with the user who resolves the problems if the user faces any. He will also help to keep the devices virus free. If the user is not happy with the services then the money is refunded.


The company has got 39 PC Magazine Editors’ award for the services it provides. The company has beaten other companies who are providing Norton internet security contact UK to the users. Norton is providing best products to the users and that is why more and more people are subscribing.

Online threats

If a user buys a new computer and uses free or inferior quality software, the hackers can hack the system easily as they use sophisticated software through which they can hack the system easily.  Norton consistently keeps a track on new threats so that they can update the software.

Norton Secure VPN

Norton secure VPN comes free with the premium version and users can send and receive data without worrying about threat of hacking. VPN encrypts data that is being sent or received. In this way, the data is secured and users can browse the internet and do transactions easily.

It can be said that the Norton Antivirus premium version is the best product from the company as it provides various kinds of protection along with free 25GB storage space in the cloud and free VPN service. A Norton representative is also assigned with the user to resolve any problem, which the user faces. The family premier version helps the parents to make the browsing safe for the children.

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