Take care of pains when pregnant

When pregnant one faces a lot of health issues. Among them body pain and body aches are a major issue. That is why; one needs to see a doctor or preferably a gynaecologist so that they can help them out regarding the pain issues.

Pain during pregnancy is common. And so are the other health problems. Here are some major health issues one faces during pregnancy.

Abdominal Pain

One can face cramps or sharp pains in the ligaments and abdominal muscles. In order to treat this, one can take a warm shower. In fact, regular light exercises can also help. One can easily strengthen and tone their abdominal muscles by doing regular exercises. But again one needs to take care about the fact that they should not do any kind of exercises while lying back especially in the first trimester because this can reduce the blood flow to the developing baby inside.

Back Ache

In order to prevent this, one has to keep their body weight under control by taking proper diet. But even after that if one faces back aches then it is a good idea not to take any kind of pain killers. Instead of that one can use a heating pad to relieve the pain. There are some special exercises which one can do that will strengthen the abdominal muscles and will reduce the back aches. It is also necessary to avoid wearing high heels during pregnancy. One should also avoid standing for longer periods and should try to sleep on a firm mattress. One also needs to be very careful when it comes to lifting heavy loads. One should raise them slowly and it is even better if they can avoid doing that. To reduce back pain one can try a chair massage. One needs to sit straight on a chair by facing the back and then they have to lean forward over the back of the chair with the head resting on the crossed arms. Use the massager from the lower back to the upper back but avoid putting much pressure on the spine.

Breast Discomfort

One needs to wear a bra which can give the enlarged breasts some proper support. One can also use some nursing pads in their bra.


This symptom is actually pretty normal and common during pregnancy. One needs to keep their body weight in check and they also should maintain a good posture when they are sitting or sleeping. It is a good idea to take the left side when sleeping and not on the back.


In order to keep the bowel movements regular and stools soft one needs to add a lot of dietary fibres in their regular diets. One can eat a lot of fresh fruits, whole grain cereals, breads, vegetables and dried fruits on a regular basis. It is better not to use any kind of over the counter laxatives.

One can often face some bodily pain while pregnant but pain killers are not really the solutions. One needs to try some alternative methods.

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